Zen Bedroom Ideas


Of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom should be as a retreat. You can transform your bedroom into a sea of ​​tranquility instilling in him Zen bedroom ideas and decorative elements. One of the principles of Buddhism Zen is simplicity, so remember to decorate with things that are functional and minimalist style. A rustic wooden shelf may have a line of river stones to give a look of Zen garden. Baskets with rough textures provide color and texture while stored subtle things.

Applies tones in Zen bedroom ideas to transmit peace and calm. Earthy tones and antique white faded provide an aesthetic fusion. The materials and natural finishes combine well in Zen bedroom ideas. Consider leaving architectural features such as exposed ceiling beams, posts on the wall, wall panels, stone walls, hardwood or unpainted brick walls or sanded to a more natural finish.

Try to decorate with smooth Zen bedroom ideas and versatile furniture. A platform with a single futon mattress is casual elegance. Low tables for storage can serve as nightstands. Cushions spread near a window to create a casual reading area. In thin and long cabinets or bookshelves you can put small cubes or boxes to store and hide personal belongings.

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