Small Antique Childrens Desk and Chair


Childrens desk and chair – Should present a study room in the house? Of course I do. Because the child’s activity is not only limited play and rest, especially if you have kids who have entered school age. However, the present study room in particular is not a necessity. You can combine the functions of integrated learning area with bedroom.

In order to feel comfortable learning activity, examine in select childrens desk and chair ergonomic, meaning that the furniture according to their size. Adjust the size of the furniture with the child’s age and height. For children aged 6-9 years, you should select the seat with a seat height of 14 inches or about 36cm. Then replace with a seat height of 16 inches (41cm) at an age ranging 10-13 years stepping. Over 13 years, children may use an adult seat to the stand 18 inches high (46cm).

Such as select childrens desk and chair is not less important. Ideal height of a table that can be used with a seat height of 14 inches is 56cm. As for the seat height of 16 inches, use the table to support the measuring 61-66 cm forgets. Well, already know right? Do not let the wrong furniture yes.

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