Romantic Gothic Bedroom Furniture


The romantic Gothic look can be much more imaginative than your typical vampire movie poster. Think of the classic gothic look with ornate furniture and rich colors. You can also update the romantic gothic bedroom furniture aesthetic decorating in the modern bohemian style fashion faux finishes, rustic pieces and eclectic furniture and accessories. Determine what will be the focal point of your bedroom romantic Gothic and use some flashy accessories to complement the look.

Start your romantic gothic bedroom furniture accessorizing with lighting.  Saints candles, tea lights, wall sconces, pendant lights, lamps and lighting fixtures with smoky tones remain moody atmosphere. Create your own display shelves for reusing old boxes, paint dark colors with velvet or wallpaper on the back or bottom and hammering at the walls.

Romantic gothic bedroom furniture should start with a metal bed frame period which has displaced intricate designs. You can add a small gargoyle or recorded statue for good measure, adhering gel medium artist or tying wire within the framework for a more rustic look. A canopy bed is ideal, because you can use the posters as a framework for transparent fabrics or curtains. Cupboards and shelves and niches display areas are perfect for adding a regal touch.

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