Making Low Profile Bed Frame


Low profile bed frame – Low profile bed is a single bed, minimally designed which lays between 2 and 5 centimeters to the ground more than a standard bed. Low beds feature a minimalist, elegant contemporary designs commonly used in bedrooms asking a simple appearance. Low profile beds can include headers and stirrups. Frames (platform or standard) are available in all sizes, wood or metal, and may include wheels or feet.

Tired of bedsteads space consumption? Ready to add elegant style to your bedroom? Low profile bed frame, not necessarily have to include bedsteads like most frames mattress platform with wooden slats placed across the width of the supporting frame, allowing you to design more space around the bed.

Low profile bed frame, headers sit behind the headboard and either form part of the structure of the bed itself or fixed to the wall. Its original purpose was to protect the occupant of the bed cold and damp coming through the wall. Today modern header is usually used to complement the decor of a room or to provide a comfortable place to sit on the bed support. Low profile heads do not protrude above the bed, and give it a stylish and contemporary look.

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