Making Fleece Tie Blankets


Fleece tie blankets require no sewing, complicated equipment or special skills. Using fleece fabrics to provide a simple yet comforting and warm blanket by cutting and tying together the four sides. Give a cut-tie fleece blanket for someone for the holidays or a special occasion.


Tips for making f fleece tie blankets: Place a square of fleece material on a flat surface. Face the printed side down and smooth out the material. Place other material atop the first place. Face the printed page face up. Smooth both pieces of fleece tie blankets out so there are no wrinkles. Trim off excess material overhanging squares. Measure the distance 3 inches from the outer edge of the square material.

Start with the end on one side and take the strip from the top and bottom pieces of fleece. Tying a knot with the two strips to ensure the squares of the fleece. Use an over handed knot and do two solid nodules per. set of strips. Continue with the next set of strips and knot one side of the carpet. Before moving to the next page, check that all strips are attached. Continue with the other three side’s knots all strips. Remove all legs. Stretch fleece tie blanket out and check for lumps that are too loose or tight and correct them.

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