Instructions for Bassett Bedroom Furniture Crib


Bassett bedroom furniture – Bassett Furniture Company is a 100-year-old, Virginia company that began as a manufacturer of bedroom furniture but has expanded today to do everything from office furniture to lamps, rugs and bedding. Preparations for the addition of a new family member can be an exciting and busy time. One of the many important tasks to complete before baby arrives is the selection and installation of a crib.

Bassett bedroom furniture is a manufacturer popular with families because it devotes a great selection of furniture for babies. The Bassett baby line offers several collections for parents to choose from and can easily be installed at home.

Instructions for basset bedroom furniture crib: 1) Attach the crib’s headboard and footboard to the stabilizer bars with screws that are included in the box. Fasten the screws by placing a nut and washer on each side of the board and heel connection. Tighten with a wrench. 2) Lower spring frame inside the crib until it is firmly on the stabilizer bars. Use the supplied screws and nuts to fix the feather frame to the stabilizer bars. Carefully tighten with a wrench. 3) Slide the crib side rails, one at a time. Attach them to the support rails, headboard and footboard with the supplied screws and bolts. Tighten with wrench. 4) Place the crib mattress inside the crib (if included).

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