Ideas for Whitewash Bedroom Furniture


Whitewash bedroom furniture – Transform old solid wood furniture elements in eclectic pieces whitening them. Ideal candidates for this technique of painting include chairs, desks, dressers, tables, dressers one shelves. Whitening furniture does not match the common design features or complementary and make them look as if they belong together. Each piece will face a matte finish soft and hazy providing they distressed and delicate quality. Add artsy handles and furniture knobs to their targets where possible.

Mend areas of whitewash bedroom furniture in need of repair before they start. Use wood glue, nails, cement or wood to make sure that your articles are structurally stable and ready for bleaching. Prepare the surface for painting furniture. Remove the layers of paint or varnish with sandpaper or a sander. His pieces are ready to whiten when its natural wood grain is visible.

Whitewash bedroom furniture, keep old towels and rags nearby. Accidental spills during lime can be easily cleaned with rags. Place a cloth or plastic sheet in your work area. You may need more than one sheet if whitening over a piece of furniture. Place your furniture on the protective sheet. Leave enough room to move freely around each piece of furniture that is whitening.

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