How to Convert Single Bed in Loft Bed Frame


Loft bed frame – The conversion of a double bed in a loft is really just a matter of expanding the positions in the bed frame and ensuring that the resulting structure is stable enough to endure the sleeping occupant. These instructions are for converting a wood frame bed with real poles feet, but the idea can be customized for other types of bed.

Loft bed frame, measure the width and height of the bedposts double berth. Buy your messages using wood with final dimensions as close as possible to the dimensions of the bedposts. If you can not get an exact match, use the larger size. Buy strips 4 inches wider than the combination of the bedposts and two messages you just buy width. For example, if your bedposts were 2 inches wide and wooden posts were each 1 1/2 inches wide, his strips would each (2 + 1 1/2 + 1 + 4 = 1/2) 9 inches wide.

Loft bed frame, you have the hardware store cut strips size if necessary. They have equipment that can make a much more reliable than any store home straight cut. Cutting beams so that the total length of the beams, and four positions, and two bedposts equals 38 inches.

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