Fun Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas


The decor of the teenage girl bedroom ideas is a very personal matter. You know you’re on track when designs combine with the girl sleeping in the room. Whatever you choose as design style depends on the age of the girl and their interests. No need to go beyond his personality to give you an idea of ​​what she wants in her personal space.

Create a wall with spots of color in your teenage girl bedroom ideas using the technique of paint splattered. This simple technique is achieved by rapidly moving a brush dipped in paint splattering wall mode. Hit with a stick served. First, apply a base coat your walls. The paint you use for the dotted have to have a thick consistency to create defined points.

Soft pastels on the walls and bedding provide the ideal for teenage girl bedroom ideas of dreamy background. Paint furniture creamy white. Hang a curtain of transparent fabric from the ceiling above the bed to fall on both sides. Use a smooth, light for the treatment of fabric windows and added a soft carpet, plush. Enter sentimental items such as photos and frames ornament, a memoir of his life in the bedside table and a chest of hope at the foot of his bed to save everything you value.

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