Decorate with Bernhardt Bedroom Furniture Orange Accents


Bernhardt bedroom furniture – Orange is a color that is often passed over when decorating because too much orange can be overwhelming. Orange can be combined with almost any color to create different environments in one bedroom. According to “House Beautiful” author Michele Bernhardt, Orange extends its thoughts and builds trust. an atmosphere of youthful joy is created in a room. Create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom like Bernhardt bedroom furniture, using all hued warm colors in the decor. Pair of bright orange pillows red leaves and tangerine curtains, furniture and opt for brown instead of black. This keeps a warm atmosphere around.

Accent a room pink with an orange pillow, flower arranging and Pinstripes orange pink quilt. Finish decorating with neutral points as a beige carpet and headboard and white trim along the motherboard and doors. On the other hand, give the room a retro feel by adding patterns like paisley or floors zigzag mix. Add warmth to a cool room casting a subtle blue blanket at the bottom of the bed. Choose a comforter that has a pattern on it with white or blue as well, to help the mixture of orange in the room. Use a soft blue walls and white Bernhardt bedroom furniture for a quiet room.

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