Cute Pink Teenage Girl Bedroom Furniture


Pink is very ideal for teenage girl bedroom furniture. No matter what style your teen is – classic, modern or natural – color pink can be used to reflect your taste and style in your bedroom. Whether you are using paint or wallpaper, there are several ways to incorporate pink on walls of room of a teenager. For modern teenage girl bedroom furniture, wear pink to show a modern geometric design in an accent wall. Select wall you want to present design – perhaps wall where bed will sit. Use masking tape to create a series of large, medium and small casually on wall squares. Select three different shades of pink – pastel, magenta and gum, for example.

If you’re teenage girl bedroom furniture has a sweet yet sophisticated style reflect your taste with pink wallpaper. Choose wallpaper featuring a pink toile pattern. Toile is a busy pattern can become cumbersome if used in excess, so hang on a wall, either focal or only upper half of walls of room. If you choose former option wallpaper, painting walls left in room pink tone that matches toile print. If you go with latter option, cover lower half of walls paneled in white color, or paint white paneling shade of pale pink.

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