Cherry Changing Table Tray Top


Cherry changing table – Designed cherry changing table hospitality provide a convenient feature. Over time, scratches or other damage spoil the tray. Camouflaging small abrasions and strokes with a finishing oil dyed help, but at some point, need a replacement tray. Due to the wide range of sizes, styles, materials and finishes used on table tops, changing tray provides a challenge. Some preparation and willingness hunting are your keys to change the tray almost any table. Take the existing tray off the table and put it on a blanket on a larger table. The tray is designed to serve, so rising. Measure the tray. Extend the tape measure across the widest part if the tray is round. For rectangular, square or oval trays, measure the length at its longest and wide at its widest part. Include only the main body of the tray in measurement, not the handles.

The height of the edges is a matter of taste, as the cherry changing table is fit and functions, regardless of the height of the edge. Write down the color or finish of wood, for example, red lacquer or golden oak. Take note of any feature you want to prioritize in your search, such as rounded comfortable handles, inlaid mother of pearl or brass hardware to go with other furniture in the room. Determine the manufacturer of the table, if possible. Turn the pan upside down on a soft surface. Note the name of any manufacturer and any number. If you have the receipt, you can list the manufacturer and model number.

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Vintage and antique tables often have no markings. Turn the table itself upside down on the blanket. Check for a label or number stamped on the surface under the table. Contact the manufacturer for a replacement tray table if you were able to find the manufacturer’s name. See the table by model number, if available. The store where you bought the cherry changing table can help you order the replacement tray, or you can search the manufacturer’s contact information online.

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